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Total Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement

If you're having trouble regaining physical function after a joint replacement surgery, contact Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Our physical therapists are ready to assist you.

Sports Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Physical Therapy can aid in your physical recovery if you've suffered from a sports-related injury. We'll help you get healthier and stronger!

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

You don't have to accept chronic pain. Take action by coming to Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Our therapists can assist you with pain management.

Speed Up the Recovery Process With the Help of a Professional

Come to Waterville, Maine's Orthopedic Physical Therapy for expert physical therapy care

Are you having trouble recovering after a traumatic accident? Need physical therapy due to a sports injury? Orthopedic Physical Therapy's physical therapists can help. Our certified therapists provide superior therapeutic services to aid in your physical recovery. During your first visit, we will complete an evaluation to determine which therapy methods would benefit you the most. From there, we'll work with you one-on-one to help you build confidence and strength!

Our team can assist with rehabilitation for patients dealing with functional limitations, chronic pain, trauma from accidents and more. We also work with most insurance companies! Call Orthopedic Physical Therapy at 207-873-5503 to schedule your first appointment.

Comprehensive physical therapy services in Waterville, ME

Orthopedic Physical Therapy has extensive experience working with therapy patients of all types. Our certified physical therapists will assess your physical condition and determine the best approach to your care. We may recommend:

Manual therapy-this type of physical therapy focuses on releasing and stretching the muscles through soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and massage
Modalities-our therapists can use a combination of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and moist heat to aid in recovery
Therapeutic exercise-Orthopedic Physical Therapy's facility has a full gym on-site where we can supervise your stretching and strengthening exercises
Neuromuscular re-education-this type of physical therapy will help you train your muscles through motor electrical stimulation and kinesio taping

No matter what your rehabilitation needs may be, our team will be there to help you. Contact Orthopedic Physical Therapy to learn more.

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